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Ionic Foot Detoxification

Take a few minutes to answer the following questions to determine if you are a good candidate for an internal cleansing and would greatly benefit from an Ionic Detoxification treatment schedule. 

  1. Do you experience fatigue or low energy levels especially around 3 pm in the afternoon?      YES/NO
  2. Do you experience brain fog, lack of concentration and/or poor memory?                             YES/NO
  3. Do you eat fast foods, fatty foods, pre-prepared foods, or fried foods on a regular basis?      YES/NO
  4. Do you drink coffee and sodas during the day to "get yourself going"?                                 YES/NO
  5. Do you smoke cigarettes?                                                                                                YES/NO
  6. Do you crave or eat sugary snacks, candies or desserts?                                                   YES/NO
  7. Do you have less than 2 bowel movements per day?                                                          YES/NO
  8. Do you feel sleepy after meals, bloated, and/or gassy?                                                       YES/NO
  9. Do you experience heart burn or indigestion after eating?                                                     YES/NO
  10. Are you overweight or do you rarely exercise?                                                                     YES/NO
  11. Do you experience reoccurring yeast or fungal infections?                                                    YES/NO
  12. Do you experience frequent headaches or migraines?                                                          YES/NO
  13. Do you have arthritic aches and pains or stiffness?                                                              YES/NO
  14. Do you take prescriptive medicine on a regular basis?                                                          YES/NO
  15. Do you take prescriptive sedatives or stimulants?                                                                YES/NO
  16. Do you live with or near polluted air, water or other environmental pollution?                            YES/NO
  17. Do you use fluoridated toothpaste or drink fluoridated /chlorinated water?                               YES/NO
  18. Do you experience depression or mood swings. (mental highs or lows)?                                 YES/NO
  19. Do you have food allergies or bad skins?                                                                             YES/NO
  20. Do you have bad breath or excessive body odor?                                                                 YES/NO
  21. Are you showing signs of premature aging?                                                                         YES/NO
  22. Have you ever used an internal cleansing of followed a coplete internal cleansing program?    YES/NO

If you answered "YES " to 4 or more of the above questions or answered "NO" to question 22, then you are a good cadidate for an internal cleansing program and would greatly benefit from an Ionic Detoxification treatment schedule.

How does the Ionic Detoxification system work?

The principle of the Ionic Detoxification system is to use micro current to facilitate the movement or transfer of ions in and out of cells and restore the balance of ositive and negative charges of cells.  This painless, non-invasive micro current opens up the pathways to the vital ion channels.

The "boost" of energy the body receives from ion water module (array), which sits down in the water during a treatment, allows this amazing detoxification process to occur.

As water is ionized it is split into H+ (acidic) and  OH (alkaline) ions (and sometimes into H2O+ and H2O2 becomes ionized, similar to the water cascading over a waterfall becomes ionized.  These ions are then able to enter the body through the 4,000 large pores of the feet.  Then the circulatory and lymphatic systems transport the ions throughout the body.

These ions neutralize oppositely charge toxins in the cells that are normally slow to exit the body.  In this way, all the body's organs, including the liver, intestines,kidneys, lungs, skin and immune system, can become energized and stimulated to function optimally.  The body then rids itself of these toxins through its normal processes of urination, defecation and seating.

When the body is able to eliminate toxins and metabolic waste, ithen inflammation, edema and swelling all decrease, allowing the body to repair itself and reduce pain within muscles and joints. 

Health Benefits of Ionic Detoxification

In a 2009 survey, 126 users of ioinic detox system were asked what specific health benefits they or their clients received from using ionic detox foot bath systems.  Their answers included: Pain relief (42), including less joint stiffness, less headaches, less knee pain, less foot pain, less general muscle pain and more, increased energy (29), improved sleep (23), improved digestion (10), toxin reduction (9), decreased swelling (9), circulatory system improvement (9), reduced weight (8), skin improvement(8), emotional improvements (5), respiratory improvements and much more.


Do not use the Ionic Detox system if you:

  1. Have a pacemaker or other electronic implements
  2. Have had an organ transplant
  3. Are pregnant or nursing
  4. Have epilepsy
  5. Have open wounds on your feet
  6. Are currently undergoing any form of radiation or chemotherapy
  7. Are a hemophiliac or taking blood thinners
  8. Are a child under 8 years old


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