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Facials and Skin Care



For all of our facials we use Le Mieux products.

Basic 30 Minute Facial This mini facial is perfect for those on-the-go! Your skin is cleansed and lightly exfoliated, while your face and neck are massaged with a rich pomegranate cream. Finish with a hydrating biocell cream and you're ready for the rest of the day!



Harmony Signature Facial This facial includes steamer, gentle exfoliation with ultrasonic scrubber face massage with pomegranate hydrating cream, mask and finishing products. 1 Hour $65.00
Deep Cleansing Facial w/ Ultrasonic Scrubber Includes use of a steamer and deep exfoliation with use of our Ultrasonic Scrubber (Ultrasonic devices feature vibrations of up to 30,000 Hz, which basically “jiggles” out impurities from the pores as it exfoliates the surface of your skin) and extractions if necessary. We use high frequencies to minimize pores and kill bacteria. At the end relax in a calming and hydrating mask. 1 Hour $85.00
Anti-Aging With Microcurrent

Great for all skin types to add the glow back to your skin! This treatment includes a gentle cleansing to remove dead cells, plus the application of Vita C or Hyaluronic serum with the ultrasound, follow with a massage with air hydrating pomegranate cream and finishing products..

1 Hour $85.00

LED Light Therapy Facial

Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and age spots and promotes collagen regeneration so skin appears naturally smoother, tighter and more radiant.

1 Hour $110.00
Ultimate Facial

A luxurious facial that cleans and removes dead cells, followed by penetration of Hyaluronic & Vita C Serum- face neck and shoulder massage with pomegranate hydrating cream, hydrating mask & finishing products.

90min $130.00
Brow and Facial Waxing Hair-removal technique. Warm wax is applied to the skin, allowed to cool, then removed.



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