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About Us

How did it all began:

Meet our CEO and Founder of Hands N Harmony, LLC, Nancy Brewington.   A year after graduating from Lincoln University with a BS/Biology/Pre-Med program enlisted in the US Army as a Private as a Preventive Medicine Specialists.  At the end of her enlistment she decided to continue her career in the military along with her 6 year old son as a military officer.  At which time she was accepted into the Officer Candidate program and completed the program as a 2d LT in the Transportation Corp.  Nancy retired from the US Army in 1997 as a Major, Transportation Corp. after serving 20 years. Upon her retirement she served in various positions and committed to serve her community as a volunteer.  In 2000 along with other members of her church she went to Ecuador on a medical mission trip.  It was after this profound trip that she decided to continue her journey helping others as she saw the Drs and Nurses had done in Ecuador helping those in need.  She returned to school and pursued her new career as a Registered Nurse.  Upon graduating from nursing school in 2006 (thirty years from the time she graduated college the first time), she started her career as a RN.  While serving as a RN first in Florida, later as a Traveling Nurse her and her husband then settled in Texas, she noted that a lot of her patients had the similar situation,which was: the lack of information, understanding and available resources towards living a health life.  She realized that this is what she wanted to do to help others and again off to school she went but this time to study massage therapy.  So this is how it all began for Hands N Harmony started after Nancy completed massage therapy school and received her license as a massage therapist in 2011.

What are we all about:

Hands N Harmony, LLC, is a Holistic wellness center that takes an integrative approach towards wellness. Our owner, Nancy Brewington, has been in the health care field for over 10 years, and has developed a 4 pillar system where we treat the Physical, the Emotional, the Spiritual, and the Energetic aspects of the individual.

We believe we are set apart from the "health club" scene by several factors- with our inviting and warm atmosphere, commercially zoned store front (as opposed to an industrial "building"), professional staff and our desire to educate and treat consumers as a whole being.  We believe that to accomplish this our mission is to provide and educate our client and our community partners with lifelong healthy habits - not just cookie cutter but developing individual plans and services treating each client as individuals who are seeking a more holistic style of living.


Our Mission

The mission of Hands N Harmony Wellness Center is to provide our clients and community partners with the services, resources and tools that will enable them towards making effective decision in achieving Total Lifestyle Changes (TLC).

Our Vision

To be the premier wellness center in San  Antonio and surrounding communities, where complementary therapies are integrated with conventional medicine to provide a personalized holistic health care experience.

We Believe

The pathway towards wellness for each person is a journey that requires commitment, individualize resources and support.  We believe in providing the highest quality resources, tools and supportive services available to help clients achieve a healthier and harmonious life journey.


Hands N Harmony is a Federal (SAM), STRAC and HUB certified company with the following certifications identifiers: AABE/DIBE/ESBE/MBE/SBE/VBE/WBE.  We are opened and have the ability to create and develop Small business and Corporate wellness programs.  See our Corporate business tab for more information.





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