About the Practitioner

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Nancy Brewington, RN, LMT

Nancy Brewington, is the owner of Hands N Harmony, a Wellness Center and therapeutic massage and bodywork company.

Nancy is a Registered Nurse practicing forover  six years, she has pursued and continued her education and training towards becoming a massage therapist.  These two modalities of health practices allows her to combine her knowledge in traditional medicine with that of alternative health practices such as therapeutic massage and bodyworks.  This combination of knowledge and practices allows her to provide the individual, direct and personal care leading towards health and healing for her client.  A practice that Nancy really has a passion for when caring for her clients.

Her thorough understanding of traditional medicine combining that with massage and bodywork alternative practices can only benefit her clients towards wholeness and healing.

Philosophy: We are three part beings, Mind, Body and Spirit. Coupled with our wellness programs, our retail store and massage therapy, Nancy tries to harmonize all three beings towards wholeness for her clients.


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